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BedTech Adjustable Power Bed

- Wired remote control
- Head position adjustment
- Two-year platinum warranty with in-home service
- 20-year steel frame and pro-rated parts warranty
- 850 lb. weight limit

Item Name Qnty Price
Twin XL Adjustable Power Base with Twin XL Aria Firm Mattress $749.00
Queen Adjustable Power Base with Queen Aria Firm Mattress $799.00
King Adjustable 2-Piece Base with Split Mattresses (2 Twin XL Aria Firm Mattress) $1,499.00
Item Name Qnty Price
Twin XL Wireless Adjustable Power Base $449.00
Queen Wireless Adjustable Power Base $449.00
King Wireless Adjustable 2-Piece Power Base (2 Twin XL) $898.00